If you use GPS, you must enter:
‘350 Old Country Road, EAST Garden City’


The office building is located 1 1/2 miles West of the intersection of Glen Cove Road and Old Country Road. *The building is on the South side of Old Country Road near the intersection of Washington Avenue (south side) and Roslyn Road (north side) and is easily identified as a two story, light brick building with a sign for Berlitz language school. Parking is in the rear and can be accessed from Ivy Court or from Washington Avenue (2nd driveway entrance). There are 3 stairs to enter the building.

If you need an accessible entryway, please let us know. The ‘no-stairs’ entrance on Old Country Road is kept locked for safety. We will open the door.

Parking is in the rear of the building. You must park head-in. Accessible parking spaces are located to the East of the entrance.

Driving Directions from the East:
Northern State Parkway West to Meadowbrook Parkway South and first exit (M1 Old Country Road West). Travel 1 ½ miles and follow from * above.

Driving Directions from the West: 
Northern State Parkway East to Glen Cove Road South. At exit, turn right onto Glen Cove Road and continue South to the Old Country Road intersection. Make a right turn in the right turning lane and follow from * above.


Long Island Expressway to Exit 39 South. Travel South on Glen Cove Road (the road name will change). Continue to Old Country Road and make a right turn in the right turning lane and follow from * above.

Driving Directions from the Southeast/South Shore of Long Island: 
Southern State Parkway to Meadowbrook Parkway North and exit at Old Country Road/Mineola (M1). At light at top of exit, make a left turn heading West on Old Country Road and follow from * above.

Train Directions via the LIRR: 
Travel to the Mineola LIRR station. There are frequent trains to Mineola. When you exit the train, proceed to the taxicab stand in the parking lot. Or, you may walk one mile to the office (heading to Old Country Road and walk East).

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