New York State has approved senior ‘lock in’ to MLTC plans once the senior enrolls in the plan to receive care at home and/or at a social model day care program.  The change goes into effect on December 1, 2018. 

As of that date, during the first 90-day grace period after enrolling in an MLTC plan, the senior has the option to change MLTC plans for any reason.  But after the 90-day grace period, the senior is locked-in and may not change plans for the next nine months. 

However, if the senior can show a valid circumstance (called ‘good cause’) that requires them to be on a different plan, they may be permitted a change of MLTC plan during the lock-in period:

  • the enrollee senior is moving from the plan’s service area,
  • the plan fails to furnish the needed services, or
  • it is determined that the MLTC enrollment was non-consensual (the senior was dropped by the plan).

Note that seniors enrolled in FIDA (a Medicare/Medicaid program under MLTC) and PACE (a managed care program for MLTC not widely available on Long Island) are not subject to these new limitations. 

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