2702, 2020

A Hint and a Heads-up – You Never Know if Nursing Home Care might be needed!

Recently, I have been handling a Medicaid application for a senior who, sadly, must remain in a nursing home. His family includes his wife and an adult developmentally disabled child (both physically and intellectually) since birth. The clients’ disabled son receives services under OPWDD under Self-Direction. An individualized ‘budget’ was [...]

1202, 2020

A New Decade, A New Year Update for 2020

A few legal updates for your consideration as we enter our new decade: Retirement The SECURE Act of 2019 makes important changes to retirement accounts. The age at which required distributions must be taken is increased from age 70 ½ to age 72 for persons who turn 70 1/2 after [...]

1103, 2019

Lessons from My Mother-in-Law

Each day, I listen to my senior client’s stories. Some of my clients are older than Arlene, my 86-year-old mother-in-law, and some are younger. I am paid to give my clients legal advice, experienced counsel, and quality representation. I also learn from many of those same seniors. Arlene, however, has [...]

901, 2019

Organ and Tissue Donation in NYS

January 2019 Question of the Month:    My family has been discussing organ donation. Some of us signed the back of our drivers’ licenses. Others have signed a health care proxy which directs our health proxy to make organ donation. Which is the right way to make sure our wishes [...]

111, 2018

An Elder Law Scam Comes Home

Last week I received a panicked call from my 90-year-old father and 88-year-old mother. They had just learned – by telephone – that their youngest grandson had been in a car accident after attending an out- of- state wedding; their 20 year old grandson had been drinking at the wedding [...]

111, 2018

November 2018 Question of the Month

November 2018 Question of the Month What is the best legal gift you can give your family? Beth's answer A health care proxy and power of attorney. Two examples: Mrs. H’s 32-year old son completed his MBA in economics and was employed full time by a reputable financial company. Then [...]